Durable and Long Lasting

Tasblock material is chemically stable and doesn’t lose its strength and physical properties over time. It has longer lifespan compared to traditional materials such as steel, concrete, wood and plastic.

Corrosion Resistant

It doesn’t corrode and lose matter on its surface over time.

Electrically Insulating

It’s dielectric, does not conduct electricity

Heat Resistant

Typical of thermoset materials, Tasblock material keeps it shape and physical properties under extreme heat

Seawater Resistant

It is not affected by salty seawater, even in long periods of time

Rust Free

It doesn’t oxidize, last longer than steel even in harsh atmospheric conditions.

Water Proof

It’s water impermeable. Can stay soaked in water for long periods of time and will not absorb or pass any of the water

Thermally Insulating

Unlike metals, Tasblock material is a weak conductor of heat and has good isulating properties

Acid, Alkaline and Solvent Resistant

It is chemically inert, and resist strong acid and alkaline chemicals. It does not dissolve in solvents

Stable Shape and Size

Doesn’t expand or shrink with temperature changes. Doesn’t develop cracks due to thermal expansion


Tasblock material can be cut, drilled, sanded and glued

Terminte Proof

Unlike wood, Tasblock material is not prone to termite damage. Tasblock buildings is not affected from pest damage

UV Stable

Tasblock material resists to degradation caused by UV light. Unlike plastics it keeps its strength and also colour under prolonged UV exposure

Environmentally Friendly

Takes less energy to produce compared to steel and concrete. Tasblock material is made of natural minerals such as calcium and silica, and a synthetic resin is used as binder

Does not Have Smell

Since it is chemically stable it does not emit any solvents etc. and does not have a smell

Flexible Design Options

Can be designed and manufactured in any shape, with smooth or rough surface. The thickness of the material can be adjusted to required level of strength

Easy Installation

It does not require heavy equipment to build or to install. Tasblock products can be installed with simple hand tools, thus save time and cut costs

Lower Risk of Being Stolen

It does not melt with heat like metals and plastics, so it is not salvageable with traditional methods. Unlike metal versions, Tasblock products are not target of theft

Absorb and Dampens Vibrations

Structures with Tasblock material absorb and dampen vibrations

Color Customization

Tasblock material can be manufactured in any desired colour. It also can be painted with wide variety of paints

Light Weight

It has a good weiht to strength ratio. Being light makes it relatively easier to handle; reduce the risk of accidents and most part can be carried by single person. Light weight also reduce transportaion costs


Tasblock material prevents the growth of moss, algea and lichens. These organisms cover the surface of wood and stone over time, but Tasblock material doesn’t allow these organisms to hold on and grow on its surface.