Urban Furniture

The city is a home for everyone lives in it and urban furniture refers to pieces of furniture found in public spaces or in the urban environment, for example, benches. Urban furniture allows people to enjoy a more comfortable experience in their streets, paths, parks, gardens and other public areas. It can improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of a city. The term can be used to refer to litter bins, bike racks, bus stops, bollards, tree grates, street lights, signage, and so on. They can be divided by function, which can include rest, illumination, play, waste disposal, protection, shelter, wayfinding and more.

Therefore, designing and choosing them are very important. For more than 30 years we have developed and designed for most big cities' urban furnitures. Taking part of each transformations to become a pleasant, green, and safe for its citizens.

Tasblock products will give you more than just an urban furniture, we also care about the environment continuity as well by keep on developing the best green composite materials that are soon to be an international standard and leaving those conventional ones behind. We always thrive forward and push the boundaries to meet each cities that are in need of high quality and long lasting urban furnitures.



TAS TG 003

Tree Grates

Litter Bin

TAS DP 001


TAS SC 001

Compo Seat